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When deeply personal family matters end up in a court of law, there is always a lot at stake. Emotions run high because the outcome of the case can have a serious impact on the lives of everyone involved, including children. Selecting representation for your case will be an incredibly important decision. An effective family law attorney should be what you need them to be, such as being sensitive to your unique needs, aggressive when necessary, and dedicated to protecting your interests. Marcellino & Tyson is a Charlotte-based family law firm, serving clients in Mecklenburg County, NC and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys work tirelessly to produce positive outcomes and make stressful times easier for our clients. Speak with a family lawyer near you: call (704) 919-1519 or fill out our online contact form.

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Mediation: Divorce mediators act as a neutral third party to help resolve issues like asset division, alimony, and child custody, outside of court. Each party typically hires their own attorney who then selects the mediator. This process is more private and, if successful, less expensive than court trials. Mediation isn’t right for every couple, but it has many benefits for those who can settle disputes. Our attorneys can represent you through this entire process.

Collaborative Law: Collaborative family law is similar to mediation in that it doesn’t take place in court. However, rather than having one neutral party mediate the process, each party hires its own lawyer. They hold meetings in which disputes can be discussed and resolved.

Divorce Litigation: There are some situations when agreements can’t be made outside of court. If you and the other person can’t come to an agreement or you feel you’ll need to fight for your right to property, child custody, or alimony, or any other issues in court, you need an experienced litigation family law attorney to represent you.

Child Custody/Visitation: There are many factors that courts use to make their decisions in awarding custody/visitation rights. When you hire an attorney from our family law firm, they will use all available resources to show the court that you deserve the right to your children.

Domestic Violence/Protective Orders: If you are a victim of domestic violence you may want to consider filing a protective order. Contact the appropriate authorities first, but partner with a family law attorney at Marcellino & Tyson to get the legal help you need to get out of the situation.

Child Support: Contact Marcellino & Tyson if you have questions about child support or the possibility of modification. We’ll help you protect what’s yours.

Separation Agreements: Entering into a separation agreement can help you avoid litigation and unnecessary costs. It is a legal agreement that both parties come to voluntarily. These contracts may outline the division of assets, alimony, child custody, and any other issues in your case.

Alimony & Post-Separation Support: In some cases, and with the help of our attorneys, alimony and post-separation support can be agreed upon in the separation agreement. But when you and your soon-to-be-ex can’t agree on this matter, contact our family law firm and get an attorney who will aggressively protect what is yours.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements: Prenuptial agreements protect your future and ensure that you keep what you’ve earned in the event that your relationship comes to an end. They are a proactive way to resolve disputes before they occur. If you are already married and didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement, you can sign a similar document called a postnuptial agreement.

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