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Employment Contract Law In The Charlotte, NC Area

In today’s changing business law climate, it is vital for companies to maintain solid employment relationships with their employees. At the same time, they need to protect themselves from the risks involved when employees leave the company. Employment contracts outline the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee, creating a legally-binding agreement. At Marcellino & Tyson, our award-winning lawyers handle matters in employment contract law. We are highly skilled and experienced at helping businesses of all sizes protect themselves through their employment contracts, including non-compete agreement contracts. If you are searching for a non-compete lawyer or general employment attorney in or around Charlotte, NC contact us today.

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Employment Contract Lawyer Near Me

Employment contracts establish and address the terms and obligations of the employment relationship. An employment contract lawyer near me may outline topics such as:

  • Employment terms/conditions
  • Salary/wage/commission specifications
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Time-off specifications, including sick and vacation time
  • Grounds for termination
  • Severance package
  • Employer non-compete agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement or NDA

Our attorneys at Marcellino & Tyson know the ins and outs of employment contract law as well as North and South Carolina state business laws. We can create employment contracts based on your company’s specific needs and concerns. We can also review your current employment contracts and assess them against your needs and concerns to identify potential improvements. Your protection is our priority; contact us today to find out how we can protect your company from lawsuits and troubles regarding employees.

Non-Compete Lawyer

When employees leave a company, the confidential knowledge and contacts they could take with them can have crippling effects on the company. Non-compete agreements are necessary to protect the company. Many companies often see these contracts as simple and generic. But in reality, they are the opposite. North Carolina state employment contract law is strict and largely dictates whether these contracts are enforceable. Companies often believe they are protected when they are actually exposed to significant risk if an employee were to leave and take clients, co-workers, and confidential information with them.

An employer’s non-compete agreement can prevent ex-employees from starting a competing business or working for a competitor within a specified amount of time after their termination from your company. These contracts will limit an employee’s future opportunities, but the terms have to be reasonable. Unreasonable non-compete contracts are not legally enforceable. “Unreasonable” conditions may include agreements that extend for too long of a time. To ensure that your non-compete contracts are legally enforceable, you should work with a professional non-compete lawyer who knows and understands state laws in North and South Carolina.

Employer Non-Compete Agreement

If your employees have access to confidential information and contacts that you don’t want your competitors getting their hands on, you should contact an experienced non-compete lawyer. With a detailed understanding of employment contract law, we can help you protect your business with legally enforceable contracts.

Marcellino & Tyson PLLC is a legal firm that has experience in employment contract law. We work with businesses in and around Charlotte, NC. Find an employment contract lawyer near me: Contact us today in order to find out if our law firm can offer services in your location.

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