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Collaborative Law In The Charlotte, NC Area

Collaborative Law is a no-court alternative to separation and divorce. When you and your spouse need to legally redefine your relationship, but don’t want to resort to costly and stressful courtroom litigation, contact Marcellino & Tyson. Some of our attorneys offer collaborative services in the Charlotte, NC area. Our collaborative divorce services involve structured meetings, which provide a safe and respectful setting to discuss and resolve issues. These meetings are less threatening than litigation. If you want a collaborative divorce without courtroom litigation, you’ll need a knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate attorney. Speak with a collaborative divorce attorney near you: call (704) 919-1519 or fill out our online contact form today.

What are the benefits of using a family collaborative law group to work through your divorce?

  • Speed: Litigation is time-consuming. If you want to get your divorce issues settled as quickly as possible, it’s best to at least attempt to do so outside of court. Hiring collaborative divorce attorneys can be an effective solution.
  • Cost: Litigation is expensive. Save on court fees by keeping your disputes out of the courtroom.
  • Amicable: Litigation is often more hostile and stressful than collaboration.

Collaborative divorce is generally easier for everyone involved. Collaboration can help you protect your interests when it comes to asset division, child custody, and other crucial issues, without having to fight it out in court. Contact us today in order to speak with one of our attorneys and learn more about this useful service.

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Collaborative Divorce Attorney

By contacting our collaborative family law group, you can partner with an experienced attorney who will act as your advocate and advisor. They will also provide communication and negotiation coaching to ensure that you are able to use your voice effectively. We will assist you by focusing on effectively exchanging information, understanding your concerns as well as those of your spouse, exploring a wide range of options, and creatively arriving at resolutions.

Matters of family law tend to be very personal and emotionally-charged. The decision to end your marriage is likely one of the most significant and difficult decisions of your life. A collaborative divorce attorney can help you make rational decisions and represent your position throughout the divorce process. We offer knowledgeable guidance, personalized solutions, and strong legal representation to all of our clients.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney Near Me

Our law firm is based in Charlotte, NC. We serve clients from Monroe to Cornelius, NC. Our collaborative divorce attorneys are available to serve clients in the North Carolina counties.

Collaborative Family Law Group

What’s the difference between collaborative law and divorce mediation?

Both mediation and collaborative law are methods of resolving issues while avoiding traditional litigation. In mediation, the divorcing couple, with their own attorneys, will hire a single mediator. This mediator may or may not be an attorney. The divorcing couple and their mediator work together to resolve disputes and make decisions in a peaceful manner. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse will hire their own collaborative divorce attorney. However, collaborative divorce processes often include other professionals, such as financial professionals, child custody specialists, mental health experts, and more.

Both spouses and their respective attorneys sign a contract agreeing to cooperate throughout the collaborative process. If the spouses can’t resolve important disputes in collaborative meetings, they may resort to litigation. However, the attorneys involved in their attempt at collaborative divorce are not permitted to represent them in court. They will need to hire different attorneys for litigation.

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