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Our goal as corporate counsel is to protect and serve your company. As such, we provide honest legal support to allow your business to focus on its operations, rather than the legal challenges of operating.

Corporate Counsel In The Charlotte, NC Area

Many large businesses have in-house attorneys on staff to provide legal advice and services whenever needed. While that can work for companies with massive budgets and many legal issues, other businesses may only need legal help from time to time. It’s also possible that companies need regular legal assistance, but don’t have the resources to have corporate lawyers on staff. Businesses of all sizes will run into legal questions and conflicts. That’s where we can help you. Marcellino & Tyson is one of Charlotte, NC’s experienced and dedicated corporate law firms. We serve as corporate counsel to businesses in the area for all legal needs. These needs range from partnership disputes to regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Every business has unique legal needs. From brand new startups to large corporations, the need for sound legal advice may come up frequently. Marcellino & Tyson effectively and efficiently serves as corporate counsel for its business clients, just like having an in-house attorney.

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Corporate Lawyers

We act as corporate counsel, providing you with individualized solutions that meet your business’ needs, whenever you need them. It’s almost like having an in-house attorney.

  • Business Disputes: Disputes between business partners, or between two separate businesses involved in contracts together, can slow productivity and even destroy a company. Our corporate lawyers use all available resources to resolve business disputes quickly and efficiently so that your company can resume as usual.
  • Employee Handbooks: A well-thought-out employee handbook can help you avoid legal issues down the road. Many laws exist which require employers to supply employees with their legal rights in the workplace and an employee handbook is a great way to accomplish this. Our experienced corporate lawyers can assess the unique legal requirements of your business in order to create an effective employee handbook.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: If you are selling your company or merging with another company, you need assistance from experienced corporate counsel. We can guide you through the entire process and help you complete your set objectives.

We also provide services in the following areas of business law:

  • Collections
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Property Interests
  • Shareholder Disputes

Corporate Lawyer Near Me

Are you searching for a “corporate lawyer near me” in the Charlotte, NC area? Our corporate lawyers work with businesses of all sizes and industries across the states of North and South Carolina. We have extensive experience in business law, including both contract law and litigation. Contact us today to find out what having Marcellino and Tyson as corporate counsel can do for your business. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and providing you with personalized solutions for all of your company’s legal needs

Choosing the right corporate counsel for your business can be a challenge, but we can show you why we are qualified. What sets Marcellino & Tyson apart from other corporate law firms in the area?

  • We offer individualized, dedicated attention to each client.
  • As your corporate counsel, we are available to provide consistent legal support.
  • Our corporate lawyers possess versatile experience and knowledge.

So call today to make your appointment. We are excited to start working for you.

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