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Carly is a dedicated professional with deep roots in the High Point, North Carolina community. Hailing from High Point and having spent her formative years around the Archdale area, she possesses a strong connection to her hometown.

Carly’s educational journey led her to High Point University, where she pursued her passion for journalism. She graduated with distinction, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. This academic foundation equipped her with the communication and storytelling skills that she brings to her professional endeavors.

With over a decade of valuable customer service experience, Carly plays a pivotal role as an integral part of her team at Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC. Her dedication to providing exceptional service and her ability to connect with others make her an asset in the legal industry.

Outside of her career, Carly finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her husband. She has a creative side and enjoys the art of sewing, as well as experimenting with the latest culinary creations she discovers online. A notable fun fact about Carly is her passion for movies; she’s a bona fide movie buff, always eager to discuss and explore the world of cinema.

Carly’s diverse experiences and skills, combined with her dedication to her community and her professional team, make her a well-rounded and valued member of Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC.

Carly Roos

Administrative Assistant