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Love Is Blind, but You Don’t Have to Be: A Guide to Prenuptial Agreements

Mary Mac
Mary Mac April 22nd, 2024

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Welcome to the Queen City, where love blossoms and relationships are put to the test. As you embark on this journey, let’s delve into the practical side of love—one that involves legal matters, financial security, and a touch of wisdom. While we all hope for a fairy-tale ending, let’s prepare ourselves by exploring prenuptial agreements.

Love, Trust, and… Financial Planning?

Imagine Nick and Vanessa welcoming you to the sun-kissed streets of “beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina” at Truist Field in Uptown. The warmth is palpable, and love is in the air. But before you exchange vows, consider a prenuptial agreement. Why? Well, statistics remind us that about half of all marriages end in divorce—not pessimism, just practicality. It’s akin to having car insurance even though you don’t plan on crashing. A prenup allows you to prepare for the unexpected while safeguarding your financial future. And just like you’d leave a cherished heirloom to your children through a will, a prenup lets you define who gets what if love takes an unexpected turn. Plus, it’s your shield against business woes—because even Johnny met Amy’s dad at Rosie’s Wine Garden!


What Does a Prenup Entail? More Than Just Legal Jargon

A prenup is not just a collection of fancy legal terms; it’s your roadmap for the financial journey ahead. Here’s what it typically covers:

  1. Asset Division: Imagine it as a fair distribution plan for both your assets and your partner’s. It’s like strategizing for a friendly game of duckpin bowling at Queen Park Social.
  2. Spousal Support (Alimony): This section outlines whether spousal support will be due and sets the terms. Think of it as defining the rules for a game where everyone wins—a bit like duckpin bowling, but with heartstrings attached. Are you agreeing to be a stay-at-home mom? That’s great – make sure that you’ll be protected should you need to be.
  3. Business Protection: If you’re an entrepreneur, your business deserves its own safety net. A prenup ensures that your hard work won’t become collateral damage in the name of love. After all, even Johnny’s business dreams started over wine at Rosie’s Wine Garden!
  4. Inheritance: Just as Margaux’s Wine Pizza & Market guards its secret St. Louis-style pizza recipe, a prenup safeguards your family heirlooms and inheritance. It can also help you protect your children from a former relationship.


Post-Nuptial Agreements: It’s Never Too Late! Salvaging Marriages, One Contract at a Time

Already married? No problem! Enter the postnuptial agreement (or postnup). It’s like a sequel to your prenup, addressing issues that arise after the wedding bells have chimed. Here’s what it covers:

  1. Asset Ownership: Clarify who owns what during the marriage. It’s akin to deciding who gets the last slice of pizza at Inizio—essential for marital harmony.
  2. Separation Terms: Agree on property division, alimony, and support if you ever part ways. It’s smoother than Sal’s soulful crooning in the pods!
  3. Marital Harmony: Critics may raise an eyebrow, but postnups can be the glue that holds marriages together. Like a rooftop ice sculpture at The Royal Tot, they’re both practical and artistic—a testament to love’s resilience.


Common Misconceptions About Prenuptial Agreements

Myth 1: “Prenups Are Only for the Wealthy”

Reality: Prenups aren’t exclusive to millionaires or tech moguls. They’re like the “NoDa Arts District” of legal documents—accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a budding artist at C3 Lab or a barista at Not Just Coffee, a prenup can safeguard your interests. It’s not about flaunting your bank account; it’s about clarity and fairness.

Myth 2: “Prenups Mean You Don’t Trust Each Other”

Reality: Picture Cameron and Lauren sitting at Optimist Hall, sipping kombucha. They trust each other, but they also know that life throws curveballs. A prenup isn’t a lack of trust; it’s a safety net. It’s like having an umbrella at Romare Bearden Park—even if the sun’s out, you’re prepared for rain.

Myth 3: “Prenups Are Unromantic”

Reality: Signing a prenup isn’t unromantic; it’s practical. It protects you and your significant other from unforeseen changes and acts as an extended promise on how you plan to protect future “them” and “you.”

Myth 4: “Prenups Predict Divorce”

Reality: Prenups don’t jinx your marriage any more than saying “Go Panthers!” at Bank of America Stadium jinxes the game. They’re about planning for the unknown. Just like you’d check the weather before a picnic at Freedom Park, a prenup prepares you for life’s twists.

Myth 5: “Prenups Are One-Size-Fits-All”

Reality: Prenups are as customizable as a Build-Your-Own-Bowl at Yafo Kitchen. Tailor them to your unique situation. Want to protect your vintage vinyl collection? Done. Prefer to split the avocado toast at The People’s Market? It’s in the prenup.

Myth 6: “Prenups Ruin Romance”

Reality: Love isn’t blind—it’s 20/20 vision with a dash of optimism. A prenup doesn’t ruin romance; it enhances it. It’s like the view from Fahrenheit—you see the whole picture, including the legal skyline.


Remember, love may be blind, but financial planning doesn’t have to be. Don’t rush into a decision without considering a prenup or postnup—it’s your love story’s insurance policy. And who knows, maybe your marriage will be as enduring as the Alexander Rock House. Cheers to love, laughter, and legally binding contracts!