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We know you have questions and concerns, but more importantly we know that you are seeking guidance to help get you through this process. Client satisfaction is our goal. We work tirelessly to protect your future and resolve your case as quickly as possible; thereby saving you expense and stress. When you contact our office, you will speak with an experienced individual who will begin guiding you through this stressful process.

Our Attorneys

Matthew T. Marcellino

Matthew T. Marcellino      Partner

Practicing in the areas of Family Law, Business Law, Civil Litigation, and Immigration. Matt provides his clients with the representation and guidance they deserve.

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Bryan L. Tyson

Bryan L. Tyson      Partner

Bryan is a skilled and methodical attorney handling matters of ERISA Disputes, Business Litigation, Short/Long Term Disability, Employment Law and Civil Litigation.

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Jennifer Paternostro Moore

Jennifer Paternostro Moore      Senior Associate Attorney

Jennifer practices in the areas of Family and Collaborative Law, providing her clients with an experienced advocate and strong support system.

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Rachel Matesic

Rachel Matesic      Associate Attorney

Rachel practices in the areas of ERISA disputes, Business Litigation, and Civil Litigation to help people focus on the most important things in their lives.

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Wesley Rainer

Wesley Rainer      Associate Attorney

Wesley practices in the areas of Business Litigation and Civil Litigation in order to protect our clients’ interests and future.

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Andria D. Marquez

Andria D. Marquez      Associate Attorney

Andria focuses Family and Collaborative Law, using her experience to advocate for her clients.

Our Staff

Brooks Denston

Brooks Denston      Office Manager

Brooks serves as our Office Manager where she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm, including management of client accounts. Brooks is also a certified paralegal with the experience to assists our office staff with case management. Not only does she have exceptional organizational skills, but she is incredibly friendly, outgoing and always approachable. She truly enjoys helping our clients navigate through our process and the legal process. We’re confident you will enjoy working with Brooks.

Tatyana Panchenko

Tatyana Panchenko      Paralegal

Tatyana, who goes by Tanya, is a paralegal with our office where she handles matters of Family Law and Civil Litigation. She provides legal support with compassion, patience and a diligent work ethic that is easily noticed and appreciated by the Firm and our clients. Tanya is very involved in all of the Firm’s cases and has developed a strong bond and relationship with our clients, which she feels is very important. We’re confident that you will enjoy working with Tanya.

Jessica Valliere

Jessica Valliere      Paralegal

Jess is a paralegal with our office where she handles matters of Civil Litigation, including ERISA and Business Law. Jess’ friendly and compassionate personality is immediately noticed and appreciated by the Firm and our clients. She has an organized and strong work ethic, but puts much of her effort into creating client relationships built on honesty and trust. We’re confident that you will enjoy working with Jess.

Mary Longshaw

Mary Longshaw      Client & Business Coordinator

Mary takes being a “people person” to a whole new level. Mary understands the importance of being the first point of contact with all clients. She truly enjoys interacting with each of our clients and understands that each needs not only great representation, but compassion and attention. In addition to her client responsibilities, she also drives our firm’s business development and public relations, including charity work.


Mr. Marcellino was exceptional! He provided all the necessary groundwork before my very first court date. Because of this, I was able to get above and beyond what I asked for. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and has a desire to truly help people. I am forever grateful for all he has done in order to ensure the safety of my daughter.

Satisfied Client
I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Marcellino. He is truly dedicated to his clients he always took time out for me and my case and always helped me figure out my best options. I would recommend him he is honest and will definitely help solve whatever legal issue you may have.
Satisfied Client

Matthew T. Marcellino has shown a very professional and assertive approach since the first appointment, on the phone and from the other side of the world. He did not create any easy and false expectation. He prospected us how he would handle the case, why he wanted to follow that way and what would the best and realistic results be respectively. And the time was against us. We achieved what we factually proved to be truthful within the frame of law he proved to master; and for this he has our sincere moral reward for life.

Satisfied Client