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Disability Claims
& ERISA Representation

Disability Claims and ERISA Representation

Disability Insurance Claims

Our disability attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects and all forms of Short Term and Long Term Disability insurance. Disability insurance policies can be broken down into either short-term disability or long-term disability. Some policies are offered through employers, which are referred to as group insurance.However, individuals can purchase standalone policies or as a supplement to group insurance policies they have through their employer’s group plan; these plans are typically governed by ERISA. Although they each serve a similar purpose, individual disability insurance policies offered through an employer have substantially different rules compared to group disability insurance policies.

Our firm offers free consultations on matters of Short and Long Term Disability insurance claims, including:

  • Policy Analysis
  • Applications
  • Monthly Claim Handling
  • Denied Claims
  • Appeals

Why You Should Enlist Our Help

Insurance policies are purposefully drafted in confusing terms. Some insurance carriers use contractual loopholes to delay or deny claims; or give the appearance of grounds for denial of the claim. Our goal is to submit airtight claim documentation to avoid the need for a lawsuit. However, if a lawsuit is needed, we will take the aggressive approach to expedite the proper outcome. Big insurance companies should be held accountable to the language in their own policies and therefore we work to get policyholders the benefits they paid for and rightfully deserve. Don’t let the insurance company beat you down and most importantly don’t give up. Consider scheduling a consultation with an experienced disability attorney from Marcellino & Tyson.

ERISA Representation

Marcellino & Tyson represent clients in the matters of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, also referred to as ERISA. Our attorneys are experienced on issues involving all areas of employee benefits law, such as ESOPs, 401(k) plans, pension plans, health plans, disability plans, cafeteria plans, nonqualified deferred compensation, stock-based compensation, severance arrangements, and executive compensation. Our dedicated legal team also helps employers create executive compensation arrangements that complement qualified plan benefits for key employees. In addition to our consulting services, our attorneys are prepared to represent individuals and businesses if ERISA litigation arise.

Even the best employee benefit plans can face tough questions from governing bodies and their own employee recipients. Our experienced attorneys represent employers and employees in ERISA administrative hearings and litigation. Our lawyers handle the following ERISA matters:

  • Defend trustees and plan administrators against alleged breach of ERISA fiduciary duty
  • Defend companies against US Department of Labor claims of alleged prohibited transactions
  • Secure individual plan exemption rulings
  • Protect individual employee benefit and pension plan coverage and benefits, in disputes ranging from termination to division of marital property
  • Represent clients in IRS audits and Department of Labor examinations
  • Advise ERISA fiduciaries on plan investments
  • Protect employee’s hard earned benefits under applicable ERISA plans

Employee benefit plans are likely a significant part of an employee’s future and an employer’s success. Therefore, we will work tirelessly to protect the future our clients worked so hard to create.

Free Consultations

Our lawyers offer free consultations on all Disability Claims and ERISA matters because we understand the unfair troubles that you are experiencing, which is why we want to help. Call us at 704.837.7953 or send us an email to schedule a time to speak with one of our attorneys.

Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC maintains co-counsel relationships with attorneys in South Carolina, Maryland and in each state in which we assist disability/ERISA clients.

Questions? Please call 704.919.1519.

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